PO Converter


The PO Converter permits you to create a transaction from any PO that is available in PO entry

To open the PO Converter module

Click on Purchasing -> Entry -> PO Converter


The PO Convertor selection screen will open.


The following choices are available

Type of Document: Click on the down arrow on the right hand side to open the drop down list.

Override Desc: Information entered in this field will override the description of the PO selected.

Envelope/Invoice #: Information entered in this field will populate the Envelope or Invoice # field. This is determined by the type of document selected.

After entering selection criteria click on Purchase Orders in the upper right hand corner.

This will open the Purchase Order grid.

Purchase Order Grid

Headers in this grid which are underlined such as Purchase Order may be clicked on to sort the data in either ascending or descending order

The user may click in any field on the PO lines they wish to select to be processed. When a line is selected three fields are opened for modification.


Use remaining: Checking this field will transfer the entire PO amount to the new transaction

Enter Amount: User may modify the amount of the PO to be transferred by typing the amount in the entry box

Retire Remaining PO: After modifying the PO amount to be transferred the user may check this field to retire the amount remaining in the PO. If the check box is left unchecked the PO Amount remaining will still be available for use.

Once all selections have been completed click on Process Selections to create the transaction.  If more than one PO is selected they will be combined into one transaction.

If you click on cancel all changes to the PO selection grid will be undone.


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