Project Details Screen

We have some new functionality in the Project Details area… Currently much of this information is coming in from the Point Zero upload, but was previously not being validated, just added to the Employee list with no approval system.

Now, when the name is added to the Employee list, it will not be available until it is approved. To approve, you’ll have to drill down to the Employee card, click on the ‘Waiting For Approval’ icon and it’s ready for use.

When we say “Project Details” we’re talking about the area in the Project that holds all the information about that project.

To get there, go to the Project grid:

Project Details – Navigate to the Project Grid


Then go to the Project card, by clicking the ‘waffle’ of the relevant Project in the list:

Project Details – Navigate to Project Card


Then to the Project Details by clicking this link in the upper-right hand corner of the screen…

Click for the Project Details


And your screen will now look like this:

The Project Details screen


Notice the Director and other positions are now underlined, and you can now drill down to their card in the Employee grid. They also have Auto-Fill (the “magnifying glass”) and the Add-On-The-Fly (the grid with a plus on it).

In addition to drilling down from the screen above, you can find this Employee grid here:

Project Details – The Employee Grid


You can also now drill down to the Customer/Client card directly, as well as fields for the Agency Client and the third-party customer for billing purposes  — If any of these are missing in the Customer list, you can add on them on the fly.