Upload Hot Budget Files

Uploading Hot Budget Budgets and Actuals


HotBudget is a new budgeting and actualizing spreadsheet from HotBricks. There are currently two versions, 1.0.2 and 1.1.0.

You can determine the version of your spreadsheet by looking at the HotBudget tab, first one on the bottom.

Hot Budget – Screenshot


You’ll need to save the job file from a .xlsb to .xls format (NOT .xlsx). To do this, Save As from the Excel menu, and save as file type .xls.

LAjit cannot import .xlsb or .xlsx files, and you will get an error if you are trying to upload files without Saving As first.


You can then go to Projects in LAjit, and open your desired project via the View Details button.

Your open project via the View Details button


Then click Modify to change the Budget Software to HotBudget 1.0 or HotBudget 1.1, and click Budget Information to go to upload page.

Modify Budget to Hot Budget Information

When you get to the Budget Information screen, you’ll choose your version of HotBudget, if not already chosen.
Then, choose Budget or Actual Upload…

Hot Budget – Choose Budget or Actual Upload

Navigate to the file to upload, and click Attach Source File if you want to attach the Hot Budget to the project.

This upload process may take a few moments, so please be patient. LAjit is verifying the file cell by cell, so look for the success message.

Then close the upload window, and click Job Costing to confirm that the amounts were uploaded correctly.