How to change a line number for just one job


Go to the Project grid:


Choose a Project screen, then Cost Accounts aka Line Number in the upper-right corner.


Then find the line number you’d like to modify and click on the line once (until it turns yellow).


Then click the modify button in the ribbon, and a small edit window will pop up.


Make the changes to the Description as desired and click Submit. Your changes to the description line will only affect this one job.


Coming Soon: What is the Missing Description line??

Important Note…

IF you get the following error, then you’ll need to complete some additional steps.


Go to Budget Formats.


Choose AICP from the waffle.


and then you’ll get this screen.


Click the Modify button and unclick the “Chart Controlled” box on the last line.

Now go back to the above and repeat the steps to change the line number per job.