Setting up use of a Foreign Currency


To setup your LAjit system to use Euro or any other Foreign Currency, navigate to:

Financials>Preferences>Currency Setup


Step 1 – Navigate to the Currency Setup



Step 2 – Currency screen


Step 3 – Select Euro from the drop down box


Step 4 – Submit your new currency


Next, you’ll see the Euro added to the Currency list.

Step 5 – Currency list


To add a rate to the Euro, click on the waffle.

Step 6 – Add a currency rate



Step 7 – Click on the Rates link


Step 8 – Add a rate


Here, you can enter your rate information.

Step 9 – Enter and Submit the rate information


Next, we need to update the account line(s) in the Chart of Accounts.

Navigate to Financials>Accounts>Chart of Accounts

Step 10


Click on your Corporate Accounts link.

Step 11



Step 12


Step 13 – Chart of Accounts; setting up an account to use a foreign currency.

Step 14 – Chart of Accounts; setting up an account line for foreign currency.

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