Positive Pay


This menu contains:


  • Export Checks


Positive Pay is a fraud detection service offered by many banks.  The Positive Pay functionality in LAjit provides your bank with an electronic file which lists all the checks that were printed on a given day.

When those checks are presented to the bank, the bank compares the checks against the list. If a check does not appear on the list or the amount or account number or issue date is incorrect (if any aspect is questionable), the bank will contact you for instructions on either paying or returning the check unpaid.

To generate a Positive Pay list for uploading, from the Dashboard menu navigate to Banking and then from the dropdown menu select Positive Pay, then Export Checks (Figure 4-1).

. Positive Pay – Figure 4-1



On the Positive Pay Generation screen enter the desired dated (Figure 4-2).

Positive Pay – Figure 4-2



The LAjit system automatically defaults to the current date. Next, from the Positive Pay File dropdown menu select the desired bank (Figure 4-3).

Pay Positive – Figure 4-3



You also have the ability to select Include Payments and Include Voids on your exported list. Once you have entered your selected criteria, click on Export File (Figure 4-4).

Positive Pay – Figure 4-4



Once the file is finish compiling, you will receive this type of prompt (Figure 4-5).

Positive Pay – Figure 5


Save the file locally (e.g. desktop) and navigate to your bank’s website to upload the file to them.