How to setup a vendor as a Payroll Company.

Before you can begin to process payroll, you will first have to setup a vendor as a Payroll Company.

Navigate to Payables > Entry.

Enter and Assign a Payroll Vendor


Click on the Add button.

Add A Payroll Vendor


On the Vendor entry screen, be sure to enter the Company Name and designate it as a Payroll Company type before hitting Submit.

Vendor Entry Screen



How to enter a Payroll Company

Navigate to Payroll > Preferences > Payroll Companies

Setting up a Payroll Company – Step 1


Click on the Add button.

Add a Payroll Company


On the Add Payroll Company screen, fill in all the details and hit the submit button.

Setup the Payroll Company


Navigate to Payroll > Preferences > Payroll Control Accounts

Payroll Control Accounts List


The Payroll Controll Accounts list looks like this;

Payroll Control Accounts


How to Save a Payroll File from email.

In order to upload your Text files from CAPS, you’ll need to first save it somewhere in your computer.

Save Payroll File – Step 1


Click your Destination to “Save In” location (ex. Desktop), than choose a folder you’ve previously created or leave it on your desktop or any other destination of choice.

Save Payroll File – Step 2


Click Save.

Save Payroll File – Step 3


Upload Your Payroll File

To upload your payroll file, in LAjit, go to: Payroll>Entry>Upload Payroll File

Upload Payroll File – Step 1


Upload Payroll File – Step 2

Upload Payroll File – Example


Upload Payroll File – Example


Upload Payroll File – Step 5



Processing Payroll


From the Payroll Invoice upload, you can immediately build your AP Invoice in order to process your payment to the Payroll Company.

In order to pay the invoice, you do not have to post the Payroll Invoice at this time, but you do have to post AP Invoice.

To build the AP Invoice, click on the link indicated below: “Build AP Invoice”.

Process Payroll – Step 1

*Please note: the system will not allow you to Build the AP more than once.

Consequently, if you do not Build the AP at this time, once you do Post the Payroll, the system will automatically build your AP for you as Unposted.

After you Build your AP; you have the option to Modify the Invoice if need be.

At this point, you can also post it immediately by clicking the “Post Invoice” link below.

Process Payroll – Step 2


If you choose to post it later, navigate to Payables>Invoices>Unposted Invoices:

Process Payroll Later – Step 1


a)    Click Modify to open the page below
b)    Tick the Post check box of the invoice you want to post and hit Submit at the bottom of the page.
c)    If you’d like, you can print an Edit List for review before posting
d)    Click “Post All Invoices” to post the Invoice so you can process payment. “Post All” will post every invoice on this page that has been Ticked with a check mark

Process Payroll Later – Step 2


To Process a Posted Invoice(s) for payment to the Payroll Company, navigate to:     Payables>Payments>Individual Invoice Selection

Process Payroll Later – Step 3


Make sure the Invoice you need to pay is “Selected” (Modify to open page if it isn’t already checked), than click on the “Create Payment” link in the upper right hand side.

Process Payroll Later – Step 4


Modify this page to Select your bank, insert your starting check #, than follow the processes in the upper right hand corner in numeric order to complete the payment cycle.

Process Payroll Later – Step 5


To continue processing the Payroll File, navigate to: Payroll>Entry>Payroll Invoice Entry

Process Payroll Later – Step 6


15.    If there are multiple PR Invoices, click on the waffle    of the one you need to edit.

a)    Modify this page to re-allocate line numbers, amounts, etc., hit Submit at the bottom when you done modifying your payroll file
b)    You can print an Edit List for review by clicking the link at the upper right hand
c)    Click on the “Post Payroll” link when you are done.

Post Payroll


For large payroll files like in the example above, there may be numerous pages you may need to click through to find what you are looking for. For easier searches, use the “Extended Grid” Link at the top.

The Extended Grid allows you to search using various columns and you can also slit costs.

a)    To re-allocate, Modify the page and change line# or amounts accordingly.
b)    To split costs, click on the (+) sign
c)    Click and Submit and Post Payroll as described above


Using the Extended Grid