The Function Buttons


At the bottom of most task screens you will see the following buttons.

The Submit button is located at the bottom of any screen where you are required to either enter or modify data.  Once you have completed the data entry, it is essential to click on this button in order for the data to be accepted.
Use the Submit and Clone button to submit data and then retain the information on screen.  This feature is useful when you need to create several entries that share common information.  For example, if you are entering new vendors and several share the same street address, you need to only change vendor names each time you clone.
The Submit and Continue button allows you to submit data and retain the same screen, without data present.  Using the vendor entry example above, after you submit vendor information with this button, the vendor screen remains present and you can now enter another vendor.
Use the Cancel button should you decide not to utilize the screen function and data that you have just entered.