Invoice Selection (Check Run)


The Accounts Payable Invoice Selection screen has been updated, adding more columns and visibility for the user. Invoice Selection is where you go to start a “check run”, in order to pay a selection of multiple invoices.
To open the Accounts payable Aging Report Invoice Selection module:

Click on Payables -> Payments -> Invoice Selection



The Invoice Selection screen opens displaying the data grid and Icon toolbar.

This is what the old grid looks like:


This is the new and improved grid:


The Icon Bar


Select All Invoices at Once


Invoice Selection Grid

The Invoice Selection Grid opens with the following fields

Select:  Click on the waffle to open a snapshot window of the accounts receivable aging record.


Pay: This field is greyed out by default. Click Modify to open the check box. Click on the check box to select the item(s) to be paid.


After the user has selected all invoices to be paid they will click on submit or cancel at the bottom center of the screen.

Cancel: will remove any changes and take the selection grid out of modify mode

Submit: will save the changes and take the selection grid out of modify mode. A Create Payments button will now be available to the user in place of the Submit/Cancel buttons.

After clicking Create Payments the Payment Processing window will open.





Click on the vendor name to open the Invoice History. (This option is not available when in Modify Mode)


Click on Void invoice in the upper right hand corner to void the invoice

Click on Rebuild invoice in the upper right hand corner to generate a duplicate of the invoice transaction


Created By: Displays name of the user that created the invoice transaction

Invoice Date:  Displays the invoice date

Invoice Number: Displays the invoice number

PO Reference:  Displays the PO number

Project: Displays the Job Number

Batch Desc: Displays the batch number if a batch number is attached to the invoice transaction

Description:  Displays the description from the invoice

Amount to Pay: This field will be 0.00 until you choose to modify from the icon bar and the select the invoice you wish to pay.



Upon selecting the invoice to pay the field will be highlighted and the value will change to the invoice amount due. This amount cannot be edited.




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