Report Viewing Options – Saving a View


How to use the report View Options in LAjit.

The report viewing options are located in the lower right hand corner of the screen.


Save View:  To create a customized view click on Columns in the lower left hand of the selection grid.


To deselect columns click on the minus sign (-) in the left hand side of the Select columns Screen.

To add additional columns click on the plus sign (+) in the right hand side of the Select Columns Screen.

If you wish to select all columns click on Add All.


Click Cancel to undo your changes.

Click OK to save your changes. Click on the Save View Icon 

Name the report view and click Save.


Click on Delete to remove the report view.

The new report view will be available for use in the saved Reports selection list in the lower left corner.


Click on the report view you wish to see and the selection grid will change to reflect the report view selected.